Siemens TIA Portal V17 Features and Benefits

Posted by Electro-Matic on Dec 15, 2021


Siemens TIA Portal v17 Features and Benefits. Are you up to date?

Siemens TIA Portal v17: Features and Benefits. Let us help make sure you are up to date!

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Download the latest information on the new TIA Portal V17! This guide will introduce the new features, benefits and include success stories. Below are just a handful of highlights of what this guide will provide:

Simple development and maintenance of library types

  • New filter functions for Project Library and Global Libraries
  • Changes to logic in control program and changes to comments do not require version adjustment of dependent types
  • Changes to the behavior of the type versions
    • The highest type version is no longer leading for library actions
    • The user can define a "default" type version for  library types
    • The library versions (e.g. update, …) are executed on the "default" version
  • Rapid overview of the status of the library by means of a status indicator
  • Simple update of selected types using the Global Libraries

Compilation of Global Libraries

  • A new version is created on import of the compiled types

Extended functions on creation of master copies

  • The folder structures are retained on creation of master copies

Security by default / Secure PG/HMI communication

  • Use of TLS (Transport Layer Security) with certificates to enable secure PG/PC and HMI communication with S7-1200 and S7-1500 CPUs
  • New Protection of confidential PLC configuration data 
  • These security features for new PLCs are activated by default
  • Security wizard to assist with configuration of secure communication and protection features of new PLCs

Success Stories

Is your current software up to date?

If you are not up to date or not sure you are up to date, we want to help! Contact your account manager to verify if you are ready for v17.

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