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The Advantages for you with SIMATIC WinCC Unified System

Posted by Electro-Matic on Jan 30, 2024


Standardization has many facets and encompasses different products, processes, and tools. Those companies that do nothing about implementing it may not understand the potential of standardization. There is always room for optimization as standardization is a never-ending theme and the market and innovation change very quickly. Below are some advantages you will see with SIMATIC WinCC Unified System:

Greater Flexibility Through Easy Access from any Location

Thanks to modern HTML5 technology, WinCC Unified allows authorized operators access via any modern web browser, without having to install any separate plug-ins at all. With Siemens' own TIA Portal automation software, not only for WinCC Unified PC, but now also for all Unified Comfort Panels.

Less Engineering Required due to Limitless Scalability

WinCC Unified is the first visualization system that allows limitless scaling from very small solutions directly on the PLC, up to large applications in the SCADA environment. Once created, operating screens and components can be reused. This not only reduces the effort required to create them, but also ensures consistent usability during operation.

Maximum Openness for the Integrated Digitization of Manufacturing Processes

To digitize manufacturing processes on an integrated basis, open interfaces are required to ensure a cross-departmental flow of data. WinCC Unified provides various interfaces as standard. These not only communicate with other IT systems but also allow web-based tools to be integrated into the visualization of WinCC Unified.

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