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Posted by Electro-Matic on Mar 19, 2024


Standardization has many facets and encompasses different products, processes, and tools. It can be implemented in any industry. Those companies that do nothing about implementing it may not understand the potential of standardization. An appropriate advice on standardization can open many doors and ensure a holistic approach for a given client. Those that may be pursuing standardization approaches or have implemented standardized solutions could benefit from continuous improvement. There is always room for optimization as standardization is a never-ending theme and the market and innovation change very quickly.

Fast and Efficient Engineering Through libraries for automation technology

Siemens TIA Portal gives you unrestricted access to the complete range of digitalized automation services, from digital planning to integrated engineering and transparent operation. Libraries with uniformly designed and extensively tested functions, typical for each machine type, ready to use and easy integration into TIA Portal, offered by Siemens as the content of a harmonized toolbox.

Automation & Motion Technical Support

Through the use of libraries, you achieve:

  • Reduction of engineering and commissioning time
  • Improvement of readability and comprehensibility
  • Increasing acceptance of the standard
  • Sustainable increase in quality

Application Examples of Libraries with SIMATIC Controllers and TIA Portal

Users know that they will always get the highest possible integration with Siemens SIMATIC – the core of Totally Integrated Automation. Plus, the systems’ scalability allows users to customize solutions to their own unique requirements very quickly and cost efficiently, and provides genuine forward compatibility for maximum investment protection.

Additional Usable Functions for Programming Machines and Plants

The powerful Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 / S7-1500 controllers are used to control complete machines and plants. Many standard functions are already available for this in the TIA Portal. Additionally, the LGF (Library of General Functions) library offers you further useful functions that support you in programming.

Automation & Motion Technical Support

The seamless integration of Siemens SIMATIC controllers into the common Siemens TIA Portal engineering framework allows the integrated storage of data, the smart library concept, and a uniform operating philosophy. This makes the use of universal functions particularly easy.

Contact us or your Account Manager for more information on how to help standardize your automation applications.

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