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Standardization in Automation: SIMATIC WinCC Unified System

Posted by Electro-Matic on Jun 18, 2024


SIMATIC WinCC Unified is scalable from single-user systems to complex, distributed applications. Thanks to a standardized software platform and the use of modern web technologies, WinCC Unified already meets the requirements of a visualization system of the future.

Easy and Stepless Scalability

SIMATIC WinCC Unified enables you to scale easily and consistently for all your applications, from the operator panel on the machine itself to the complex SCADA solution. Thanks to flexible data exchange, the system simplifies the collaboration of all devices in the plant and enables authorized operators to access the system directly via any modern web browser – without having to install any separate plug-ins at all.

Key features of the WinCC Unified System that allow for standardization

Structure of Distributed Collaboration
With collaboration, screens and alarm from other panel- or PC-based WinCC Unified station in the TIA Portal are linked directly to their own visualization. Seamless integration and uniform usability, e.g. in line visualization.

Zero Installation Client
The user interface is consistently based on the HTML, SVG, and JavaScript technologies. An up-to-date web browser is all that is needed to access the visualization – no need to install separate apps or plug-ins.

Comprehensive set of controls
The user interface has been completely revamped to provide a consistent usability across all platforms, controls with significantly more functionality, and integrated operator control concepts

Comprehensive scripting
The JavaScript scripting language gives WinCC Unified one integrated scripting engine for all platforms. All functions of the language for data handling, object creating, and the use of classes as well as inheritance are available for scripting in WinCC Unified.

One file for variety of possibilities
With SVG graphics, you get optimal image quality regardless of the screen resolution you choose. WinCC Unified supports not only static but also dynamic SVG graphics that can easily be animated and dynamized depending on process values from the system.

Automate the Engineering
To reduce costs in engineering, you can have the visualization generated automatically on the basis of the PLC program using the TIA Portal option “SiVArc”. For maximum flexibility in automating engineering, TIA Portal Openness provides you with an API for the TIA Portal.

Open for extensions
Fully integrate web-based tools, controls, or application in the visualization of WinCC Unified. One user interface for the operator – no more switching between different tools.

Easily connect to IT-systems
To exchange data from the automation with the IT environment, WinCC Unified provides, though its “Open Pipe” interface and easy means for exchanging available data. 

The Advantages for you with SIMATIC WinCC Unified System

Greater flexibility through easy access from any location
Thanks to modern HTML5 technology, WinCC Unified allows authorized operators access via any modern web browser, without having to install any separate plug-ins at all. With Siemens' own TIA Portal automation software, not only for WinCC Unified PC, but now also for all Unified Comfort Panels.

Less engineering required due to limitless scalability
WinCC Unified is the first visualization system that allows limitless scaling from very small solutions directly on the PLC, up to large applications in the SCADA environment. Once created, operating screens and components can be reused. This not only reduces the effort required to create them, but also ensures consistent usability during operation.

Maximum openness for the integrated digitization of manufacturing processes
To digitize manufacturing processes on an integrated basis, open interfaces are required to ensure a cross-departmental flow of data. WinCC Unified provides various interfaces as standard. These not only communicate with other IT systems but also allow web-based tools to be integrated into the visualization of WinCC Unified.

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