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Sculpting the future: speeding machine, digital transformation

Posted by Electro-Matic on Apr 22, 2024

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Fueled by visionary thinking and ingenuity, TARUS remains the leader in car design studio solutions. To maintain market dominance and meet accelerating customer demands, TARUS owners—and brothers—Dave and Doug Greig realized they needed to elevate and enhance the capabilities of their clay milling machines.

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TARUS found answers in the equally innovative, revolutionary SINUMERIK ONE machine control from Siemens.

With full milling and scanning capabilities for the sculpting of concept vehicle designs, this groundbreaking CNC milling machine set the tone — and a high bar of expectations—for TARUS that guides its leaders to this day.


TARUS accelerates its clay milling machine performance and its digital transformation, with SINUMERIK ONE

Invention and innovation are the lifeblood of family business TARUS, the only U.S.-based manufacturer of clay milling machines for vehicle design.  In 1984, the Sterling Heights, Michigan-based company completely changed the automotive industry when it introduced the world to its invention, the Claymill™. With full milling and scanning capabilities for the sculpting of concept vehicle designs, this groundbreaking CNC milling machine set the tone—and set a high bar of expectations—for TARUS that guides its leaders to this day.

TARUS SINUMERIK ONE CNC case study - Dave Greig and Brad KleinowThe decision to employ Siemens' SINUMERIK ONE platform charted a new way forward for TARUS that aligns with the company’s cutting-edge reputation and clears a path for further innovations in the years to come.

Realizing success in self-control
Founded in 1969 in family patriarch Douglas J. Greig’s garage in Warren, Michigan, TARUS established its reputation as an innovator throughout the 1970s.

Finding another gear

Timing was key to the TARUS-Siemens partnership. Scott Doyle of Electro-Matic, the trusted solution provider and technology partner of TARUS, knew the needs of his client.

“Understanding exactly what TARUS does and its superior motion control—a lot of what TARUS was doing was right up Siemens’ alley,” said Doyle, vice president of OEM sales at Electro-Matic. “The opportunity was crystal clear.”

Doyle introduced Doug and Dave to Siemens technology and were assured the multi- technology SINUMERIK ONE could boost the performance of TARUS machines while retaining the company’s cornerstone graphical user interface.

TARUS CNC case study - Electro-Matic Scott Doyle

“We took the SINUMERIK ONE package, we implemented it, and we tweaked it for our interface,” Doug said. “Now we have an extremely high-performance CNC machine control with our user interface, which customers love, and it’s very easy to use.”

Customers using the TARUS Claymill for their life-size vehicle models are “ecstatic,” Dave added. “It’s solid, it runs a lot faster, it’s smoother, quieter—everything. The machines are running consistently and reliably.”

Boosting manufacturing performance

TARUS and its customers are now realizing benefits across the production cycle, from machine setup and customization to machine performance and throughput.

Most important to Dave, Doug and their customers is the familiar look and feel of the TARUS control. This was their biggest concern and biggest question when adapting TARUS machines to SINUMERIK ONE. The process took about one year, involving collaboration between Siemens and TARUS staff, and the results are unrivaled in the industry, Doug said.

“Nobody has the user interface like we have with the reliability of SINUMERIK ONE. That’s the secret sauce,” he said. “Because we already wrote our own software for our own control, we were able to make these two things work together for our customers’ benefit.”

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Users experience the trust and familiarity of the TARUS interface, but with superior machine performance.Surface quality, precise cuts, cycle times, and reliability are critical to TARUS and its customers as they mill the clay into future vehicle models. In fact, it is the precision of the cutting tools that produce desired surface finishes and eliminate time-consuming hand sculpting.

Dave said customers who use TARUS machines as an extension of their own design sculpting teams are indeed achieving a higher-quality surface that rarely requires smoothing by hand.

"Our machines cut so precisely now that they don’t have to refine it, it’s saving them valuable time."
 Dave Greig, TARUS CEO

Faster cycle times

“In processing power alone, SINUMERIK ONE is 30% faster,” said Chris Grimm, OEM sales account manager at Siemens. Testifying to that claim, Doyle has seen the results first-hand with TARUS’s internal machines. “Their throughput has increased tremendously,” he said.

Customers are saving even more time during the design and milling phase of the car models, as the TARUS software enables changes on the fly.

TARUS CNC case study - Faster cycle timesDoug explains: “With our software, customers have a choice. They can mill a car model, and if they want a small change, they can sculpt it by hand, then measure it. They can scan it with their scanning system, then they can mill it on the other side of the model. Or they can send it back to their CAD system so that they’ve archived the change. Sometimes, they decide to make the change with the machine.

Ensuring a productive future

Although Dave and Doug are focused on the here and now, ensuring immediate results internally and for their customers, they also are thinking long-term. That’s another reason the brothers felt comfortable switching from an in-house control.


As a relatively new innovation built upon a legacy of success, Siemens will support SINUMERIK ONE for many decades to come. TARUS and its customers will have no issues obtaining new parts or customer service—from both Electro-Matic and Siemens.

“The availability of replacement parts for years to come—that’s a big deal,” Doug said. “When the parts come in, we know they’re going to work. They’re plug-and-play—and Siemens maintains the supply chain too.”

TARUS CNC case study - Collaborative partnersCustomer support is a collaborative effort between Electro-Matic and Siemens. Electro- Matic has in-house application engineers who can visit TARUS and provide product support up to a certain level of complexity before bringing in the support of the local Siemens application engineer, Doyle said.


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