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Remote Operation of Stand-alone Systems via Cellular Networks

Posted by Electro-Matic on Mar 19, 2024


Remote access makes it possible to securely access a machine from another location for purposes of commissioning or service. This means that the experts necessary for commissioning or modifying machines no longer have to be present on site. If a machine fails, a precise diagnosis and expert support are vital for quickly getting the system running again. Remote access also allows you to operate and maintain geographically distributed systems reliably and transparently, even in hazardous, isolated, or contaminated environments.

Benefits and values of LOGO! and LOGO! CIM with VPN

Secure and reliable remote access

  • Access at any time from any location via cellular networks
  • Secure connection setup with access protection and security certificates

Increase system efficiency

  • Increased system uptime through remote monitoring and data-based failure diagnosis
  • Increased transparency about machine performance

Reduced costs & Increased productivity

  • Minimized travel expenses and time for service personnel
  • Increased productivity of engineers with centralized service planning without the need to be on-site

Enhanced business scalability

  • Expanded scalability options with adding new machine locations, including mobile applications
  • Increased flexibility with easy-to-modernize machines through central update

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