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Manufacturing in America 2023 West Atrium Exhibitors

Posted by Electro-Matic on Mar 1, 2023

Manufacturing in America 2023 is a massive trade show hosted by Siemens and Electro-Matic, and joined by over 3,700 manufacturing executives, engineers, and enthusiasts inside Ford Field in downtown Detroit. Attendees learn about the newest technologies, share best practices and ideas, and be a part of advancing the future of manufacturing via workshops, seminars, exhibitors, etc. Below is a list of some exhibitors you can find in the West Atrium:

Booth 102 Rittal / ePLAN

Innovative strength has been woven into the Rittal DNA since its foundation. In 1961, Rudolf Loh Elektrogerätebau was founded in Rittershausen by the entrepreneur Rudolf Loh, with one simple guiding principle: “Enclosures off the shelf, immediately.” In its founding year it launched the world’s first standard enclosure on the market. In 1969, the company was renamed Rittal, in honor of its roots in Rittershausen in Dietzhölztal. Within just a few years, Rittal enclosures had become established as a global standard, and have remained so to this day.

ePLAN connects software solutions from every engineering discipline, from preplanning and project planning to the design of switchgear and cable harnesses. Cloud-based applications enable you to collaborate across projects and create a standardized database right through to automated engineering. Further, our integrations and standard interfaces enable bi-directional data
exchange with your ERP, PLM and PDM systems. This means that you will become more efficient when working on your EPLAN project because digital data flows seamlessly from one solution to another and is further enriched in every process step.

Booth 104 Electro-Matic 

Electro-Matic’s mission and commitment to providing a World-class product mix dictates that we only work with the best. Electro-Matic’s select product mix is a result in a partnership with manufacturers who share a commitment to value-added distribution to deliver technology based products, differentiated services and solutions to the industrial automation marketplace.

Booth 105 Fortress

Saving lives by providing the best safety solutions. Fortress designs and manufactures customized safety equipment, protecting people working in hazardous workplaces. Our interlocks control access into potentially hazardous areas, ensuring the area is safe before the employee can enter and keeping the employee safe while a task such as essential maintenance is being carried out.

Booth 106 WireCrafters

Our RapidGuard™ II Machine Guarding was designed by a special team of WireCrafters engineers commissioned to think differently in order to solve common operational issues in the industrial and material handling industries. RapidGuard® II features a unique lift-off design that allows for the removal of the guards (panels) while the fixing system (hardware) remains attached to the guards (post), in compliance with RIA TR R15.406. The installation time is 50% faster than most competing products.

Booth 107 Datalogic, Inc.

Datalogic is a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, specialized in the designing and production of barcode readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, RFID, vision and laser marking systems. Datalogic offers a solution for nearly every barcode reading application. Whether your application requires image-based, single-plane, omni-direction, or line scan barcode reading capabilities, Datalogic has you covered.

Booth 108 Leuze electronic, Inc.

We are an international sensors and safety solutions company. Our high-tech product range includes switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, and data transmission and image processing solutions. As a Safety Expert, we are focused on components, services and solutions for safety at work. Target industries include intralogistics and the packaging industry, machine tools, the automotive industry, and lab automation.

#MiA23 is free to attend, but registration is required to take part in over 100 technical seminars and over 50 exhibits focused on emerging automation, digitalization, controls, and drive technologies within this evolving industry. Register TODAY at attendmia.com!

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