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Manufacturing in America 2023 South Side Adams St. Concourse Exhibitors

Posted by Electro-Matic on Mar 1, 2023

Manufacturing in America 2023 is a massive trade show hosted by Siemens and Electro-Matic, and joined by over 3,700 manufacturing executives, engineers, and enthusiasts inside Ford Field in downtown Detroit. Attendees learn about the newest technologies, share best practices and ideas, and be a part of advancing the future of manufacturing via workshops, seminars, exhibitors, etc. Below is a list of some exhibitors you can find on the South Side of the Adams St. Concourse:

Booth 401 DMC, Inc.

DMC is a project-based engineering consulting firm. We deliver and implement complete automation solutions, software development, and custom hardware engineering using a variety of technologies and platforms.Since 1996, DMC has succeeded in helping over 1700 clients increase
efficiency and productivity by delivering cutting-edge solutions for a broad spectrum of industries worldwide.

Booth 402 Patti Engineering

Patti Engineering is a CSIA Certified control systems integrator offering turnkey integration services: From designing and building new automation systems; to upgrading and retrofitting antiquated systems; to the design and implementation of asset tracking, artificial intelligence, and industry 4.0//IIOT.Our services include project management, electrical engineering, simulation,
process improvements, software development, installation support,documentation, and training.

Booth 403 Fives DyAG Corp.

Fives DyAG Corp. is an Automation Integrator and Engineering Services organization with over 20 years of experience providing turn-key system solutions for industrial automation customers. We are a dynamic team of educated, field-tested, & highly qualified engineers with extensive experience
and knowledge in managing various industrial activities, including robotics,controls engineering, machine vision, custom or standardized software, &much more, positioning ourselves as field experts.

Booth 404 Magswitch Technology

Offering unique capabilities and significant improvements to end of arm tooling, Pick-and-Place, Body-in-White and many other applications. Powerful and lightweight tools in our automation line make it possible to implement magnets where they weren’t previously applied. Magswitch can replace
vacuum cups & traditional pin clamps which impact operating costs through high energy consumption and downtime. Magswitch is being deployed as a platform technology by major global OEMs & Tier One Suppliers.

#MiA23 is free to attend, but registration is required to take part in over 100 technical seminars and over 50 exhibits focused on emerging automation, digitalization, controls, and drive technologies within this evolving industry. Register TODAY at attendmia.com!

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