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Manufacturing in America 2023 North Side Adams St. Concourse Exhibitors

Posted by Electro-Matic on Mar 1, 2023

Manufacturing in America 2023 is a massive trade show hosted by Siemens and Electro-Matic, and joined by over 3,700 manufacturing executives, engineers, and enthusiasts inside Ford Field in downtown Detroit. Attendees learn about the newest technologies, share best practices and ideas, and be a part of advancing the future of manufacturing via workshops, seminars, exhibitors, etc. Below is a list of some exhibitors you can find on the North Side of the Adams St. Concourse:

Booth 301 Hilscher NA, Inc.

Hilscher is a global supplier of industrial communication solutions. Our next product family combines processors and software from a single source ideal for OEM integration. We use this same technology to provide a full range of Factory Automation gateways, protocol convertors and PC cards for Real-Time Ethernet and Fieldbus conversions in both master and slave configurations.Hilscher has also entered the IIoT market delivering factory floor data to multiple Cloud platforms by way of Edge.

Booth 302 Werma

Intelligent Signaling technology. Clever solutions that simply work – this has been our goal at WERMA for decades, and customers from all over the world confirm our success day after day. We are setting the standards for modern signal technology - and are also defining their future: for more than twenty
years with modular signal towers as the industry standard, and with networked, intelligent system solutions today.

Booth 303 Fori Automation

Fori Automation is a global supplier of welding, assembly, material handling and testing equipment for both automotive and non-automotive customers around the world. Headquartered in Shelby Twp.,Michigan Fori has facilities located in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Korea and Mexico. Fori focuses on delivering cost effective highly engineering products and systems that can be designed and manufactured globally with localized sales, project management and service.

Booth 304 Helukabel

HELUKABEL is your one-stop solution provider for cables, wires and cable accessories in the United States. Our wide range of UL/CSA-approved cables and wires includes flexible tray cables for stationary and flexing applications,high-flex robotic cables for continuous flexing applications, VFD/servo cable,and network bus cable. An extensive product portfolio containing over 33,000 line items can be used in a wide range of market segments and industrial applications.

Booth 305 Novastar Solutions

Large Scale IT Asset Deployments | HP3D Printers | Test Equipment Calibration Services. For 25 years Novastar has been providing best-in-class tools and solutions to help the manufacturing sector.

#MiA23 is free to attend, but registration is required to take part in over 100 technical seminars and over 50 exhibits focused on emerging automation, digitalization, controls, and drive technologies within this evolving industry. Register TODAY at attendmia.com!

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