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Datalogic's New Industrial PowerScan 9600 DPX series

Posted by Electro-Matic on Mar 19, 2024

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The new PowerScan 9600 DPX industrial handheld scanner from Datalogic is best for traceability applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Tires and Electronics.

Flexibility Meets Extreme Reliability

We are excited to introduce the new PowerScan 9600 DPX series from Datalogic. This new industrial handheld scanner for reading DPM (Direct Part Marking) and label-based codes, is best for traceability applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Tires and Electronics but can also be used in Healthcare for medical device tracking in hospitals.

Features & Benefits

  • Direct Part Marking (DPM) reading ability, when codes are directly marked on the items for traceability with different marking technologies such as laser etching, dot peening, inkjet printing and electrochemical etching.
  • The 4D learning system automatically sets up the best parameters and decoding algorithms without the need to configure the scanner for every different application.
  • Wireless Charging System. Eliminates battery contacts and pins that get dirty, bent, or broken
  • Reliable and durable. Robust design with IP65 and IP67 ratings, capable of withstanding 2.5-meter drops and harsh conditions.
  • The STAR RADIO system and Bluetooth ensure connectivity, reducing production downtime.
  • Smart batteries monitor device health and provide data on battery status, preventing unexpected equipment failures.
  • Corded desk models (PD9600 DPX) and  Cordless models available

If you are interested in learning more. Check out our website


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